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An Oregon woman whose husband is in prison for sexually abusing a child is suing The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints for reporting his confession to state authorities. In the lawsuit, Kristine Johnson said her husband confessed his sexual abuse to clergy as required by church rules. That confession was passed along to state authorities, forming the basis of their investigation, she says. In , the lawsuit states, plaintiff Kristine Johnson learned that her husband, Timothy Johnson, had engaged in inappropriate conduct with an underage girl. But the church failed to advise the couple that if he followed the guidance and confessed his sins, it would report him to state authorities. The church should have warned her husband that his confession would not stay private, the lawsuit says. Timothy Samuel Johnson, 47, was arrested in and is serving 15 years in prison in Pendleton, Oregon, for abusing an underage girl, according to the state Department of Corrections. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints said it considers protecting victims a top priority, and has a hour help line to report abuse. Oregon is one of 28 states that considers clergy among professionals mandated by law to report known or suspected instances of child abuse or neglect. Christine Bartholomew, an associate professor at the University at Buffalo School of Law, told The Oregonian that the lawsuit could have dire consequences.

The Mormon Church vs. the internet

Smith gained a small following in the late s as he was dictating the Book of Mormon , which he said was a translation of words found on a set of golden plates that had been buried near his home in upstate New York by an indigenous American prophet. The church rapidly gained a following, who viewed Smith as their prophet. The main body of the church moved first to Kirtland, Ohio in the early s, then to Missouri in , where the Mormon War with other Missouri settlers ensued, culminating in adherents being expelled from the state under Missouri Executive Order 44 signed by the governor of Missouri.

After Smith’s death, a succession crisis ensued, and the majority voted to accept the Quorum of the Twelve , led by Young, as the church’s leading body. After continued difficulties and persecution in Illinois, Young left Nauvoo in and led his followers, the Mormon pioneers , to the Great Salt Lake Valley. The group branched out in an effort to pioneer a large state to be called Deseret , eventually establishing colonies from Canada to present-day Mexico.

In Fayette, New York, Joseph Smith, founder of the The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, organizes the Church of Christ during a meeting with a small.

San Francisco – The Electronic Frontier Foundation EFF urged a federal judge to quickly resolve a dispute over the use of the term “Mormon” in an online dating site, arguing that extended litigation based on a frivolous claim could bury a small business in its infancy. Intellectual Reserve, Inc. Intellectual Reserve concedes that the term “Mormon” can be used to describe church members generally, but claims that its “family of marks” using “Mormon” such as “Mormon Tabernacle Choir” gives it the power to silence any business that dares to use the term in commerce.

In an amicus brief filed Friday, EFF argues that because “Mormon” is undisputedly a descriptive term, its use in the name of the website is fair and legal. Often, when websites or other projects get trademark complaints, the creators decide to change their content or services in order to avoid expensive litigation — even if they know they are in the right. Merely the threat of a trademark lawsuit, and the costs associated with it, is enough to chill many entrepreneurs, artists, and activists from innovative projects.

Join EFF Lists. Electronic Frontier Foundation. Related Cases Eller v. Intellectual Reserve.

New Mormon dating site facing backlash from church

This is an archived article that was published on sltrib. It is provided only for personal research purposes and may not be reprinted. A fifth person has filed a lawsuit against the Mormon church accusing religious officials of not doing enough to protect Navajo children from sexual abuse in a now defunct church-run foster program that placed thousands of American Indian children with Mormon families. The new lawsuit was filed Wednesday in Navajo Nation court by a woman who says was sexually abused as a teenager over a three-year period from by her foster father at a house in Spanish Fork, Utah.

Attorneys for woman suing LDS Church drop out of case Denson’s responses were due April 15 and to date, had not yet been filed. She produced only a single page ‘outline’ and, when pressed, she indicated that was all.

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They invite you over on summer evenings for lemonade at the table in the backyard next to the hydrangeas. You eat their Jell-O salad at picnics. Joseph, 27, lives just west of Salt Lake City in a Mormon ward that spans a couple of streets. His church is just down the road, and the bishop, who presides over the ward, lives around the corner. Most of his neighbors are active within the Church, and when Joseph first moved in, he was, too.

After he and his wife began trying to start a family, they became particularly close to their neighbors across the street who were older and had children of their own. The couple included them in all of their entertaining. Their friendship was a paradigm of neighbordom, which inspires envy in this writer, whose interactions with her neighbors are limited to whacking the wall with a Swiffer when their music is too loud.

He begins with a quote drawn from a letter Franklin D. He goes on to cite a survey showing that Mormons feel warmer toward their own members than any other religious group.

Mormon Church suing dating website for using the word “Mormon”.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints was incorporated February, , by an act of assembly of the so-called State of Deseret, which was afterwards confirmed by act of the Territorial Legislature of Utah, the corporation being a religious one, and its property and fund, held for the religious and charitable objects of the society, a prominent object being the promotion and practice of polygamy, which was prohibited by the laws of the United States.

Congress, in , passed an act repealing the act of incorporation and abrogating the charter and directing legal proceedings for seizing its property and winding up its affairs. This power is distinct from that which may arise from the forfeiture and escheat of the property under the act of On behalf of the Court, MR.

Church says site cannot use trademarked word “Mormon” for promotional reasons. In a court filing in which Eller is counter-suing the holding company, in what will be the most active online LDS singles dating site, ever!

Now serving 15 years in prison, the husband admitted transgressions that he and his wife thought would be handled by the church internally, she alleges. The man — who is not being named by PEOPLE to shield the identity of his victim — is currently serving time at the Eastern Oregon Correctional Institution for his resulting conviction on four counts of sexual abuse, with the earliest possible release date of January 3, , according to jail records.

Currently 28 states, including Oregon, consider clergy members to be required reporters of suspected child abuse and neglect , according to the Administration for Children and Families within the U. Department of Health and Human Services. Want to keep up with the latest crime coverage? In some circumstances, those obligations may be governed by their professional duty and in others by their role as clergy.

The lawsuit filed Friday in Marion County, Oregon, circuit court, does not yet have a hearing date. FB Tweet ellipsis More. Image zoom. Get push notifications with news, features and more. You’ll get the latest updates on this topic in your browser notifications.

Man who performed baptisms sues LDS church

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Woman Sues Mormon Church Alleging Rape by Leader in s. Denson accuses The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints of failing to take in December was made public by the website MormonLeaks, a church watchdog. NYC Confirms September Reopening Date for Gyms — With a Catch.

Can the Mormon Church trademark the term “Mormon”? A legal dispute with a small business asks that question. The family history of Eller and his co-founder goes back to the Mormon pilgrims. He filed a trademark application for the design, shape and colors of his logo to prevent other sites from copying it. Eller said the church’s intellectual property arm, Intellectual Reserve Inc.

IRI , argued that the term “Mormon” was trademarked and complained about the temple photograph. The site claims those actions forced it to seek protection in U. District Court in Houston in early April to save the business, according to the company statement. In turn, IRI sued Eller and his company, claiming they are infringing and unfairly competing with IRI and the church, according to legal response and counterclaims filed in late April. Eric Hawkins, a spokesman for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, said in a statement that he wanted to make clear that the church did not initiate the lawsuit.

Instead, he said the church objected to a trademark application and were sued.

Man Gets Prison After Confessing Sex Abuse to LDS Clergy — and Wife Sues Church for Turning Him in

Gay mormon online dating. Affirmation applauds reversal of parents in , or just chat messages and now. A middle-aged woman.

Herbert, LDS Church for contravening ‘will of the people’ “Rocky” Anderson (​inset) filed a lawsuit against Utah Governor Gary Herbert regarding House Bill special session of the Utah Legislature on the earliest possible date, the fastest growing online news service in the Rocky Mountain West.

A woman who recently accused a former Mormon missionary training center director of raping her in the s and the church of failing to take her allegations seriously has sued them — a move that will bring more scrutiny to the handling of sexual abuse reports. Bishop sexually assaulted her in when he was president of the religion’s Missionary Training Center in Provo, Utah. Denson accuses The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints of failing to take action against Bishop after she reported the incident several times over the years to local Mormon leaders.

She argues that what happened to her illustrates systematic problems in the church with sexual abuse claims. She said the lawsuit “isn’t about me,” adding that the focus should be on the church’s roll in the subsequent “cover-up. Bishop, 85, has denied raping the woman but acknowledged to police who investigated the report this year that he asked her to expose herself, which he says she did. His son Gregory Bishop, an attorney serving as his spokesman, didn’t immediately return a request for comment Thursday.

The case became public last month when a conversation the woman secretly recorded with Bishop in December was made public by the website MormonLeaks, a church watchdog. In the conversation, Bishop is heard apologizing to the woman after she confronts him about the incident, but he doesn’t say what happened. In the same conversation, Bishop acknowledged molesting a second woman and described it as back rub that he says got “too frisky.

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The following report was put together by reviewing trial testimony and court documents, and interviewing multiple plaintiffs who were involved in a lawsuit against the Church of Jesus Christ Latter-day Saints. The plaintiffs in that lawsuit alleged that the Church and several Church officials failed to take steps to protect the plaintiff’s children from a teenager who was ultimately convicted of sexually abusing two young children. As soon as Church leaders learned of abuse by this individual, they encouraged the parents of the abused children to report to West Virginia police and confirmed the report.

Another Navajo sues LDS Church. Alleged sex abuse • Five individuals have filed suit, to date. By Brady Mccombs The Associated Press.

The course of true love never did run smooth. A group of faithful Mormons is trying to launch a dating website for LDS singles—but they’re facing backlash from their church. The church’s moves—and alleged backhanded attempts to shut down the site—came as a surprise to dateamormon. The two come from Mormon pioneer families and claim a deep and authentic belief in the tenets of Mormonism. I don’t want to do any harm to the church. Representatives for the church reportedly wrote to the company that was hosting Mormon Match and asked for it to be taken offline immediately.

Shocking disclosure – Boy discloses horrific abuse