J’Something releases new Cookbook ‘Something’s Cooking’

Afroforce1 has been established to develop and work with local talent with the view to break them into Central Europe and the rest of the World. Primarily based in Berlin, Germany, Afroforce1 will also now operate out of the Universal Music Group offices in Africa, unlocking huge potential for African and European artists alike. With our great team from Afroforce1 and UMG Africa we will find, develop, and equally establish artists whom we can offer the possibility of entering a new market in Europe and the rest of the world. This newly built bridge will also enable artists from Europe to dive deep into the unlimited font of creativity that Africa has to offer. The whole team is really excited to be a part of this adventure. Mi Casa is a band that needs no introduction in South Africa. The trio consists of Joao Da Fonseca, a.

How gorgeous is J’Something’s girlfriend?

It has this presence and this power. I love it! Mi Casa is a house band that has produced several hits since its formation in Shortly thereafter, they released their first album, called Micasa Music. Two weeks ago the band released their fourth studio album, Familia. The Alexandra-born Mo-T is a fervent Amakhosi supporter since the age of six.

iReport South Africa News @podcastwitmacg with J Something on Micasa, Childhood, Michael Jackson, Amapiano, Family.

J Something would best be described as Jack of all trades. The latter has admirably proven how possible it is for one to pursue the things that they are passionate about and still be actively involved in the aspects of their lives that require their attention. Not only is he a successful member of a renown band but also an achieved chef who does what he loves the most. He is also a loving husband and a dad! Being in the entertainment industry can be so demanding, something that challenges most of the artists.

This is one thing that J Something has learnt to manoeuvre his way through. How does J Something manage to attend to all the aspects of his life and make the most out of it? His biography gives some of the highlights that explain how he has had an easy time juggling through his busy lifestyle. You could borrow some points from him. Where is J Something from?

Mi Casa release new album, “We Made It”

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SAVE THE DATE FAM! We have something special we’d love to do with you! A Q&A session aka Twitterview alongside the queen Yemi Alade live on Twitter.

J took to Instagram a day before the band dropped their latest album to pour his heart out about the plans they had for the release, versus the reality of the situation now. I know how hard this moment is for us as a nation and as a society J said the team had invested a lot of capital into the album, which they were hoping to get back through performances and bookings that have since been cancelled.

The singer explained that having to cancel international and local tours hasn’t been easy but they were still super grateful to have a loyal fan base that supported them. But before this sounds super grim I wanna let you know that we have you! Despite everything that is happening, the singer said Mi Casa were proud to announce that their latest single, Church Bells , became available for streaming from Friday, March J’Something also took the time to appreciate and encourage his bandmates and brothers Mo T and Dr.

Tomorrow is a big day everybody You can pre save the single by hitting the link in my bio.

Mi Casa: ‘Church Bells’ still ringing despite ‘losing absolutely everything’

M ost Ugandans might not know who Mi Casa is but the ones that managed to attend Sunday’s 13 th edition of Blankets and Wine will tell you that they have not seen so many great performances like the one this South African group put on. The Capetonians took the stage late in the evening but you could see the somewhat exhausted revelers getting back to life. What an amazing show that was!

LIMITED EDITION 2LP Mi Casa a trio made up by J Something (Lead Vocalist), Su Casa Mi Casa has to date spurned 2 hit singles that have hit number 1 spot.

As mentioned in our previous post before we started our Women’s Month Campaign, there are a few gentleman whom you might know, who have special messages for the Women of South Africa. This was not the only time that we had the opportunity to meet J’Something: we spent some time with him at the GFWS media launch a few days before the show, and at the show where he showed off his culinary talents, we attended his cook book launch in , saw him again for the Nespresso event where he created some drinks with coffee in , and when we were invited for the Sun City 40th Celebrations in December , we got to watch him Mi Casa performing live once again.

Nabihah Plaatjes is the Co-Founder of iloveza. Nabihah is passionate about Brand Awareness and Brand Loyalty and uses her knowledge in these fields together with her copywriting, editing and proof-reading skills to bring brands to life. So, how do you satisfy your craving without having to start your own home bakery? How about a delicious 5-minute choc South Africans are rejoicing at the news that lockdown restrictions have been lowered to level two.

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The water crisis is in Cape Town and we had to try and do something about it because we do believe we have a responsibility. Biggest amount of water is used in the bathroom, about 10 litres every minutes when you shower. So we thought people sing in the shower, lets bring a little bit of fun back in the bathroom because the water crisis has taken all the fun The trio also spoke to Stephen Grootes on Radio about their latest album Familia , as well as the story behind it.

The band says they have been through some difficult challenges leading up to a near breakup, but they have learned to understand that being in a band is a relationship.

JOBURG – Mi Casa is the part-Portuguese band that has made waves in Mi Casa will perform in eight countries in their date #MiCasaGoneGlobal Tour. tour,” said frontman, lead singer and guitarist of Mi Casa, and foodie, J’Something​.

By Helen Herimbi Jun 17, The office is warm-meets-worldly with mahogany, leather and even cowhide as rugs. It was expertly decorated by Cara Watt of The House of Envy, who also had a hand in helping some of the Mi Casa members spruce up their home spaces. The studio and rehearsal room, though, are the domains of Dr Duda, the producing third of Mi Casa who took carpentry in school and is physically building the spaces to his satisfaction.

They might not have Porsches, but through 34 Music, Mi Casa have something better: an opportunity to be more involved in the business side of the music business. Having released their self-titled debut album and its follow-up, Su Casa, booked gigs and more through Soul Candi, 34 Music will see the band have more control over their music, imaging and finances.

They taught us the ropes and gave us love. They are not about owning artists. Mi Casa are quick to explain that they are not a record company in that they are not looking to develop any artists as yet. But through 34 Music, we are showing up-and-coming artists by example how much effort we are putting into ourselves and what work needs to be done. One of the places they are ecstatic to go to is back on tour.

South African Band Mi Casa Baffled By Copyright Claims

Happy anniversary boo. I hope you enjoy your new whip. I love you to the moon and back? They may guard their privacy fiercely, but we know enough about them from looking at his gushing Instagram feed. Coco liked him before the group became a runaway success.

Date: Feb 12, Mi Casa to release a short film. Mi Casa is not ready to let its Su Casa album die just yet – the band is about to release a short film, Mi You On, Jika, and Your Body, and frontman J’Something believes it still has legs on it.

Attended by SA influencers, the event allowed guests to sample five new coffee blends, ranging from a spicy Indian concoction to a sweeter Nicaraguan mix. With large gatherings and travelling barred, some musicians are expressing how their finances are going to suffer as a result of the lockdown. Many artists have been vocal about their ordeals, one of them is Mi Casa’s J’Something.

I know how hard this moment is for us as nation and as a society BUT before this sounds super grim I wanna let you know that we have YOU! With all that said, I want to encourage you all Together we are going to get through this Love, J.

Mi Casa: The sweet side of Home Sweet Home – (#ILoveSA Ep. 03)